Construction and Engineering


Rapid development of construction and engineering sphere requires new approaches to obtaining information of the market state, consumers’ preferences. The most popular targets are as follows:

  • Assessment of the company clients’ satisfaction;
  • Assessment of the market conditions and construction products: obtaining information of the existing and prospective clients, revelation of the consumers’ preferences; getting information of the competitors;
  • Assessment of construction product: creating new ideas of the products, study of various products;
  • Study of prices: study of demand taking into consideration the price, analysis of competitive pricing policy, forecasting of pricing policy at different stages of life cycle of a construction product;
  • Assessment of sales channels: study of potential of construction product service, analysis of commercial intermediaries’ performance;
  • Segmentation of clients;
  • Assessment of efficacy of advertising campaign;
  • Study of reputation and value-related perception of the brand;
  • Creative ideas and advertising concept testing;
  • Brand and advertising tracking;
  • Assessment of the structure, capacity and dynamics of the market taking into consideration the studied materials and equipment;


In the recent 5 years RAI has implemented over 40 projects in the sector of Construction and Engineering.

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