Personnel Evaluation



Efficient functioning of an organization is in general based upon efficient use of all organizational resources including the potential of each employee.

Personnel evaluation is an important element of human resources management and the most effective type of personnel assessment.

The purpose of the RAI evaluation system is obtaining information necessary for taking management decisions: 

-          Assessment of the employees’ potential and its correspondence to the company purposes.

-          Obtaining information for current work with the personnel (finding out the areas that need  special control; development of the system of employees’ promotion and transfer, development of the system of personnel training and development)

-          Development of personnel motivation and encouragement system. 

The evaluation system offers opportunities of making decisions based upon the assessment results and may influence the level of personnel fidelity and loyalty to the company, involvement in the general strategy.

Organization and conducting of evaluation allow to study human resources more profoundly, improve recruitment, placing and use of employees. Evaluation encourages development of employees’ creative effort and initiative which play especially important role in the modern environment.

The RAI evaluation procedure comprises the following stages:

·         Preparatory stage (preparatory consulting, defining and informing of the evaluation criteria additional training if necessary, explanatory interviews with the personnel undergoing evaluation, preparation of necessary information about them)

·         Evaluation (evaluation events conducted in accordance with the existing RAI methodology)

·         Drawing up the results of the evaluation (taking management decisions, discussion of the evaluation results with the staff, defining the necessary period of the following evaluation, correction of the schedule of the personnel training, correction of individual plans of career progress)

Types of evaluation in accordance with regulations of RAI:

-          The regular evaluations are conducted at least once in 5 years. The basis for this evaluation is information of the employee’s professional activity and his(her)contribution in the overall labour of the staff.

-          Special evaluations are conducted in case it is necessary to assess the employee’s activity and characteristic features if he(she) is promoted in order to create the reserve for recommendation or for selection for professional development training; if it is necessary, to find out reasons for unsatisfactory performance of a subdivision or employee.

-          Evaluation for promotion or transfer to another subdivision is conducted taking into consideration the requirements of a new supposed position and duties. In this case the employee’s potentialities and professional level are defined.

-          Repeated evaluation is conducted on the basis of the result of the previous evaluation when the comments have been prepared for the employee and the period for elimination of drawbacks has been granted.

Subjects of assessment during evaluation:

·   Behaviour characteristics

·    Performance efficiency

·    Level of purpose achievement

·    Competence level 

·   Personal characteristics

An assessment committee is made up in order to conduct evaluation. The personnel evaluation process and results are recorded in corresponding minutes. On the basis of the evaluation results management decisions are taken as regards human resources policy.

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